Workforce Development

Our Goal for Somerset County: To Continue Our County's Low Unemployment Rate

In Somerset County we have a strong, hardworking population with a range of skills. With a low unemployment rate and a high rate of retirement, it is imperative to our economic growth to have all adults having the relevant skills to productively participate in the workforce.

In Somerset County we are fortunate to have many resources to assist our businesses and individuals in acquiring new skills and creating certification programs. Adult Education, Kennebec Valley Community College, Colby College and Thomas College are all accessible to Somerset County.

Key Project: Improving Outcomes for Youth

The Improving Outcomes for Youth workforce program was developed to create a collaboration among the youth of Somerset County and the communities where they reside.   It was also designed to support the academic progress of youth, as well as introduce them to skills they will need to be a productive citizen in their community.   Somerset Economic Development has led the academic and workforce components, while Somerset Public Health has led the public health piece.  

We are thrilled to have Mac Watts facilitate this grant as he brings over 40 years of experience in education to the program.

If you are a business and have a specific need please contact SEDC to discuss developing a skill or certification program.

If you are an individual looking for employment opportunities please contact your local Career Center.

Interested in Getting Involved In Our Workforce Development Project?

We have a number of working groups who contribute to our key projects. If you are interested in volunteering your time, expertise, or funding to help with our workforce development project, we welcome your input! Click on the link below to get started, or call us at 207-474-0166.