Key Project: Broadband

Our Goal for Somerset County: Convenient, Affordable, Powerful Broadband Networks for all

Broadband internet service is one of the cornerstones of economic, education, and health development.

And yet, there are still areas in our region that have either no connection or extremely limited connections. 

We here at SEDC are committed to improving broadband access for businesses and residents. In order to do so, we'll be taking a few steps.  First, we will need to understand what the goals are for the individual communities in our county.

Then, we'll be documenting the existing infrastructure to know what we have to work with that already exists.

Compiling this information will help the technology consultants to create an affordability model for the community and subscribers, as well as a technology map identifying the highest impact way to improve broadband access for Somerset County.

Ultimately, the vision for the work is that everyone in Somerset County will have access to convenient, affordable, secure and powerful broadband networks that enable them to thrive in their communities and across the globe.

Broadband will create a platform for people to start and grow their businesses, and will create a more sustainable economy. High-capacity internet connections will be considered a critical and integral utility for quality of life.

Interested in Getting Involved In Our Broadband Project?

We have a number of working groups who contribute to our key projects. If you are interested in volunteering your time, expertise, or funding to help with our broadband project, we welcome your input! Click on the link below to get started, or call us at 207-474-0166.