Christian Savage, Executive Director, Somerset County Economic Corporation

Christian Savage

Executive Director

Christian was hired as Executive Director in March of 2018. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has owned several of his own businesses. He has several years experience in program management, fundraising, event management, advocacy, networking and marketing. Helping businesses and organizations in Somerset County connect with resources, capital and the workforce they need to succeed is his primary focus.

He serves on the Kennebec Valley Tourism Council, Somerset Workforce Connect Board, Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition Board, Run of River Committee, Central Maine Growth Council Board, Town of Skowhegan Budget Committee (chairman), Somerset County TIF Committee and KVCOG's CEDS Committee.

Christian resides in Skowhegan with his wife Krista and their three children.


Board of Directors

County Commissioner District #1   (Fairfield, Norridgewock, Smithfield)                                  County Commissioner District #2  (Anson, Embden, Highland, Madison, Mercer, New Ptld, Starks, Lexington)

Michelle Flewelling             Fairfield                                 2020                                     Larry Warren                         St. Albans                              2018

Jeff McGown                        Norridgewock                       2018                                     Open


County Commissioner District #3 (Canaan, Detroit, Hartland, Palmyra, Pittsfield)                County Commissioner District # 4  (Cornville, Skowhegan)

Kathryn Ruth                                    Pittsfield                                 2018                      Jeff Hewett                            Skowhegan                          2020

Open                                                                                                                             Open


County Commissioner District # 5   (Athens, Bingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Caratunk, Concord, Dennistown, Harmony, Jackman, Moose River, Moscow, Pleasant Ridge, Ripley, St. Albans, Solon, The Forks, West Forks, UT’s)

Russell Walters                    The Forks                              2019

Steve Steward                      Bingham                                2018

Rhonda Stark                       St. Albans                              2018


Members (6) selected by the ten district members                                               County Commissioner Designate

Ernie Hilton                           Legal                                      2019                               Robert Sezak                        Commissioner                      2020

Vicki Alward                          Business                               2020  

David Dorr                             Education                              2019  

Destiny Demo                       Construction                         2019  

Dick Willett                            Health Care                          2020  


Total of (17) voting members